Date:9월 05, 2019

<마이 리틀 텔레비전 My Little Television>

연길 지역방송국에서 의뢰한 인터뷰 알바를 하러 대림동에 사는 해련의 집을 찾아간 명학은 가족들의 모습을 찍으면서 그들과 함께 하루 동안 지내게 된다.

A TV producer from a broadcasting station in Yanji, China visits so-called Chinatown of Seoul, Daerim-dong, to interview a Chinese Korea family. The producer spends a day with them while shooting their daily lives.


  • 24th Busan International Film Festival
  • Cinema Digital Gyeongnam 2019: Opening Film
  • 11th Antarctis Film Festival
  • 18th Florence Korea Film Festival
  • 3rd Jeju Hondie Film Festival
  • 8th Diaspora Film Festival
  • 7th Chuncheon Film Festival
  • 13th Seoul International Senior Film Festival
  • 1st Gimpo Peace & Ecology Film Festival
  • 10th Seoul Migrant Art Festival
  • 7th Suwon People Film  Festival


HD | color | 24′ 46″