Date:1월 23, 2015

<팡이요괴 Mould>

건넌방 어머니의 생사도 모르는 원기.
그의 집에 정체불명의 여인이 나타나며 불투명했던 가족관계는 회복된다.
하지만 원기의 집은 점차 습기와 곰팡이로 뒤덮이는데…

Won-gi has no idea about life and death of his mother living in a house.
Their bleak relationship gets better after a mysterious woman showed up.
But Won-gi’s house is going moldy.


  • 18th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival: Best Korean Short Film 
  • 9th Paris Korean film festival : In competition
  • 47th sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia 
  • 56th Zinebi – Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Film : Grand Prize 
  • 37th Poitiers Film Festival : In competition
  • 40th Seoul Independent Film Festival
  • International Short Film Week Regensburg: Horror Program “Out of Control”
  • The International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo
  • Saram Saneun Film Festival: Best Film


HD | color | 25′ 08″