Date:1월 10, 2019

<별들은 속삭인다 The stars whisper>

도시에서 상처를 안고 시골로 전학 온 청각장애인 연희, 자신의 수화를 숨기고 싶다. 하지만 짝꿍 영준에게 수화하는 모습을 들키고 마는데…

After a rough patch in the city due to her disabilities, Yun-hee transfers to a countryside school and tries to hide her hearing impairment. But a boy who sits next to her catches her using sign language.


  • 7th Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival
  • 2nd Ewha Film Festival
  • 18th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival: Special Jury Prize
  • 14th Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival
  • 15th Lago Film Festival – International Festival of Independent Cinema: Best Unicef Film
  • 1st Pyeongchang International Peace Film Festival: Jury Prize
  • 3rd Neo-meong-gul Film Festival
  • 15th Jecheon International Film & Music Festival
  • 20th Jeju Women’s Film Festival
  • 14th London Korean Film Festival
  • 1st Jeju Tea Museum Film Festival
  • 20th Persons with Disabilities Film Festival
  • 4th Ulju Mountain Film Festival
  • 2nd Heyri Cinémathèqu Short Film Festival
  • 11th Iksan Disability Film Festival
  • 6th Sokcho International Disability Film Festival
  • 17th Asiana International Short Film Festival
  • 3rd CheonAn Dance Film Festival
  • 27th KINEKO International Children’s Film Festival: Jury special award
  • 20th Jeju International Disabled People’s Human Rights Film Festival: Audience Award
  • 45th Seoul Independent Film Festival
  • 2nd Gimpo Youth Film Festival
  • 6th Chinese Korean Short Film Festival
  • 18th Dhaka International Film Festival
  • 13th Glasgow Short Film Festival


HD | color | 18′ 51″