Date:1월 07, 2019

<여름밤의 소리 Summer Sounds>

영석의 할머니는 낡은 유모차를 끌고 다닌다. 학교가 끝나고 돌아오는 길, 친구들과 함께 할머니를 본 영석은 부끄러움을 느낀다. 영석은 할머니의 유모차를 고장 내고 만다.

Youngsuk’s grandmother brings an old baby carriage all the time. On way back home after school, Youngsuk feels ashamed of her. He breaks her baby carriage.


  • 44th Seoul Independent Film Festival
  • 7th Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival
  • 7th Incheon Independent Film Festival: Best Director
  • 21st Seoul International Women’s Film Festival
  • 7th Animal Film Festival in Suncheonman
  • 6th Catholic Film Festival
  • 2nd Gimpo Youth Film Festival
  • 7th ZERO PLUS International Film Festival
  • Swedish Korean Film Festival
  • 1st Gimpo Peace & Ecology Film Festival
  • 2022 UNINA KOREA International Film Festival: Bronze Award


HD | color | 22′ 18″