Date:12월 20, 2018

<주근깨 Freckles>

억지로 다이어트캠프에 끌려온 십대 영신. 룸메이트 주희와의 입맞춤 후 지겨웠던 캠프 생활이 요동친다.

Young-shin is locked up in a fat camp against her own will. After kissing her roommate, the boring days at
the camp turns into a small turmoil.


  • 20th Jeonju International Film Festival
  • 19th Korea Queer Film Festival
  • 18th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival: Best Romance Film, Special Jury Prize for Actress
  • 20th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival: 2nd Prize
  • 21st Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival
  • 21st Seoul International Women’s Film Festival: Best Director
  • 14ème Festival du film coréen à Paris
  • 13th Film Festival for Women’s Rights
  • 17th Asiana International Short Film Festival
  • 14th London Korean Film Festival
  • 2019 Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival
  • 10th Women’s Film Festival in Gwangju
  • 40th Blue Dragon Award: Best Short Film Nomination
  • 21st Daejeon Independent Film & Video Festival
  • 18th Florence Korea Film Festival
  • 37th Busan International Short Film Festival
  • 12th ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival
  • 1st Gimpo Peace & Ecology Film Festival
  • 8th Copenhagen Short Film Festival
  • TOMIRIS International Students Film Festival: Best Director


HD | color | 27′ 12″