Date:1월 28, 2018

<자유연기 The Monologue>

육아로 정신없는 나날을 보내는 배우 지연. 어느날 유명감독의 오디션을 보러오라는 전화를 받는다.

An actress who lives a busy life with her baby receives a call for an audition from a famous director’s production team.


  • 19th Jeonju International Film Festival
  • 20th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival: Best Short Film, Audience Award
  • 17th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival: Best Drama Film, Audience Award, Special Jury Prize for Actress
  • 7th Wonju Women’s Film Festival
  • 10th Busan Women’s Human rights film festival
  • 19th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
  • 14th Incheon Women’s Film Festival
  • 20th Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival
  • 19th Jeju Women’s Film Festival: Audience Award
  • 2nd Shinfilm Art Film Festival: Best Actress
  • 13th London Korean Film Festival
  • 25th Taiwan Women Makes Waves Film Festival
  • 1st Meonae Film Festival
  • 12th Great Short Film Festival
  • 12th Film Festival for Women’s Rights
  • 5th Catholic Film Festival: 3rd Prize
  • 1st Jeongseon Women’s Film Festival
  • 7th Daegu Women’s Film Festival: Closing Film
  • 9th Women’s Film Festival in Gwangju
  • 5th Gwangjin Human Right Activity Film Festival
  • 5th CJ E&M Chinese Korean Share your dream Short Film Festival
  • 39th Blue Dragon Award: Best Short Film Nomination
  • 퇴근길 영화제
  • 1st Seoul Independent Women’s Film Festival: Audience Award
  • 1st Wanju Cultural diversity Film Festival
  • 13th Jeonbuk Women’s Human rights film festival
  • 2020 Me.So, Film Festival
  • 19th Gwanghwamun International Short Film Festival


HD | color | 29′ 30″