Date:7월 20, 2020

<사나이신드롬 A Man's Man>

아들과 함께 간 목욕탕. 아빠는 어린 아들 앞에서 자신의 남자다움을 증명해내기 위해 분노어린 사투를 시작한다.

A macho man who claims that “A real man’s gotta be big in all ways!” visits a public bath with his son, unaware that his son’s assessment of his manhood would shock him: “Daddy, why is yours so tiny?”

To prove his manliness in the sight of his son, the man sets on a crusade of wrath to true manhood.


  • 16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival
  • 16ème Festival du film coréen à Paris


HD | color | 12′ 22″