Date:7월 03, 2017

<봄동 Bomdong (spring cabbage)>

상우는 어머니의 49재를 사흘 앞두고 집으로 돌아온다. 아버지 만수는 신도시 개발로 보상받은 자신의 옛 땅에서 몰래 봄동을 경작한다. 상우는 그런 아버지가 못마땅하다.

한편, 그들이 사는 집 근처는 신도시 개발이 한창이다.

Sang-woo returns home three days before the anniversary of his mother’s death. His father, Mansu, secretly plants the spring cabbage called ‘Bomdong’ in his old land that he exchanged with compensation for the new town development. Sang-woo does not like what his father does.

Meanwhile, a new town development is getting into full swing near their house.

  • 18th Jeonju International Film Festival: Special Jury Prize
  • Indieforum 2017
  • 10th Seoul International Senior Film Festival: In Competition
  • 43th Seoul Independent Film Festival: Special Mention
  • 6th Diaspora Film Festival
  • 2nd “52nd Street” Film Festival
  • 1st Gimpo Peace & Ecology Film Festival


HD | color | 29′ 53″