Date:7월 03, 2017

<복덕방 House Hunting>

재광이 일하는 부동산에 전 여자친구인 현경이 흑인 데이빗을 데리고 찾아온다. 세 사람은 현경과 데이빗이 살 집을 찾아다닌다.

Jae-gwang is a real estate agent. One day, his ex-girlfriend Hyung-gyeong brings her new boyfriend David to Jae-gwang’s office. They’re looking for a place for Hyung-gyeong and David. Like finding a house, we can’t get to know someone if we don’t take a close look.

  • 21st Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
  • 16th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival
  • 11th Migrant World Film Festival
  • 5th Gwangjin Human Rights Film Festival
  • 6th Diaspora Film Festival: Opening Film
  • 19th Daejeon Independent Film Festival: Best Film
  • 2nd Korea Stop Poverty Film Festival


HD | color | 30′