Date:1월 30, 2015

<방아쇠 Trigger>

소년은 장난감 총을 훔친 걸 들켜 점원에게 핸드폰을 담보로 돈을 요구받는다. 약속장소를 배회하던 소년은 진짜 권총을 발견한다.

A boy has to pay for his cell-phone as a guarantee of concealing his toy gun theft.
When getting to appointed place, he finds a real gun.


  • 38회 몬트리올 국제 영화제(2014 Montreal World Film Festival)
  • 8회 대단한 단편영화제 경쟁부문(8th Great short film festival)


HD | color | 10′ 12″