Date:2월 08, 2022


선영의 앞에 갑자기 고향 후배 유라가 나타난다. 선영은 이틀만 신세를 지겠다며 다짜고짜 상경한 유라를 집에 받아들인다. 하지만 이틀이 지나도 유라는 나가지 않고 선영의 속은 부글댄다. 결국 쫓아내려고 결심하지만 맘대로 되지 않는다.

Sun-young is surprised when Yu-ra, her friend from hometown, suddenly comes to her. Sun-young has no choice but to let Yu-ra stay at her place for a couple of days since Yu-ra had come to Seoul without any plans. But Yu-ra overstays her welcome and she begins to irritate Sun-young. In the end, Sun-young decides to kick her out but things don’t go as planned.

The latest short film directed by KIM Do Young, an experienced actor whose directorial major feature debut KIM JI YOUNG: BORN 1982 attracted the attentions of both the critics and the audience.


HD | color | 30′